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Bomanite is the original cast in place concrete paving. Colored and patterned in order to enhance any project, Bomanite offers a virtually limitless palette of colors and patterns. Bomanite concrete paving adds strength and durability, all the while increasing the aesthetic appeal of the project!

Bomacron takes the Bomanite concept one step further - introducing textured patterns to the Bomanite Licensee's repertoire. While creating a more realistic effect, the texture of Bomacron also allows for special highlighting and antiquing effects.

Patène Artectura - Specialty Systems for Creative Flooring and Pavements
The Patène Artectura system is a series of specialized coloring, patterning, texturing and finishing techniques used in concert to create unique and dramatic special effects on concrete flooring and pavements. The Patène Artectura system offers a virtually unlimited range of options to fit any design criteria or budget.

Grasscrete - Structurally Sound Porous Pavement
Grasscrete is a cast-in-place, monolithic, continuously reinforced grass/concrete porous pavement system. It can be used anywhere an impervious paving method is used, eg. driveways, parking lots, access routes, embankments, drainage ditches, storage areas for heavy materials and vehicles, etc.

Other Products
Beyond Concrete offers other creative options with which to expand your projects. A few of these include:

Textured risers
Create a natural rock-like appearance for appliactions such as steps, patio edges, benches, fireplaces, hearths and decorative planters
Stenciled Concrete
This process makes a grout joint that is integral with the slab, for less cost than other grouting techniques.
Concrete Graphics
Create unique graphic paving designs through combinations of geometric patterns.

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