Suggested Guideline Specification




1.01  Description - The work in this section shall be designated as PATÈNE ARTECTURA by BEYOND CONCRETE in the plans.  The work shall include all labor, materials and equipment to complete the installation.


1.02  References - The contractor for this work shall be a Licensed BOMANITE Contractor who has been trained and equipped by:


Bomanite Corporation

P.O. Box 599

Madera, CA  93639-0599

Tel:  (209) 673-2411

Fax:  (209) 673-8246


The Licensed BOMANITE Contractor in this area is:


Beyond Concrete

36 Industrial Dr.

Keyport, NJ 07735

Tel:      (800) 972-0668

Fax:     (732) 441-3318


1.03  Definitions - PATÈNE ARTECTURA by BEYOND CONCRETE, a system which employs various coloring, etching, texturing, scoring and patterning techniques to produce specialty architectural concrete finishes.  The work is performed on the jobsite by trained and experienced workmen.


1.04  (Optional) Related Work - to be completed by BEYOND CONCRETE.


a.  Preparation work, including sub-grade preparation, finish grading, construction of formwork, placement of screeds, and installation of reinforcement, when required, shall be done by a qualified contractor(s).


b.  Provide and install concrete color as specified elsewhere.


c.  Provide, place and finish concrete as specified elsewhere.


d.  Provide all necessary or required special concrete preparation as specified elsewhere.


e.  Provide all necessary repair and patch work.


1.05  Quality Assurance


a.  All work shall be installed by a Licensed BOMANITE Contractor who shall provide a foreman or supervisor who has experience with and knowledge of specialty architectural concrete finishes using the PATÈNE ARTECTURA system.  Evidence that the Licensed BOMANITE Contractor is qualified to complete the project as specified herein shall be submitted to, and subject to the approval of, the Architect.


b.  The Licensed BOMANITE Contractor shall provide a jobsite sample (100 square feet or 9.3 square meters minimum) to be approved by the Architect prior to the start of the construction.  Said sample shall be the standard for the balance of the work installed, and shall be protected against damage until final approval from the Architect.  The cost for the construction and protection of the referee sample shall be borne by the owner/agent and shall be part of the contractor's bid.




a.  Concrete Mix Design (Optional):  The concrete shall have a minimum compressive strength of 3,000 psi (21 MPa) in non-freeze areas, 3,500 psi (24 MPa) in moderate freeze-thaw areas, and 4,000 psi (28 MPa) in severe freeze-thaw areas.  Portland cement shall conform to ASTM C 150 Type I, II, or V, depending on soil conditions.  Aggregates shall conform to ASTM C 33.  Mixing water shall be fresh, clean and potable.  In freeze-thaw areas only, an air-entraining agent complying with ASTM C 260 shall be used to achieve an entrained air content for the particular mix used in accordance with the published recommendations of the Portland Cement Association and the American Concrete Institute.  No admixtures containing calcium chloride shall be permitted.


b.  Reinforcement (Optional):  All cast-in-place concrete shall, whether horizontal or vertical, be reinforced in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the American Concrete Institute.


c.  BOMANITE Color Hardener (Optional):  Freshly placed concrete shall be colored using the following BOMANITE Color Hardener:




d.  BOMANITE Integral Color (Optional):  Freshly placed concrete shall be colored using the following BOMANITE Integral Color:




e.  BOMANITE Chemical Stain (Optional):  The architectural concrete shall be colored using the following BOMANITE Chemical Stain(s):




f.  BOMANITE Sealer:  The surface shall be sealed using the following BOMANITE Sealer (Optional:  Tinted Sealer):






3.01  Installation Procedure


a.  If new concrete is to be poured, the sub-grade should be prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the soils engineer and the American Concrete Institute.  The reinforcement should be placed in accordance with the guidelines of the American Concrete Institute.  The concrete should be placed and finished in accordance with accepted industry standards.  The concrete should be allowed to cure for a period of at least 28 days prior to the application of the stain(s).  Liquid membrane cures should not be used.  The new concrete should be cured using either curing paper or wet curing methods.


b.  Optional:  BOMANITE Color Hardener shall be applied evenly to the plastic surface by the dry-shake method using a minimum of 60 pounds per 100 square feet (27.2 KG per 9.3 square meters).  It shall be applied in two or more shakes, floated after each shake and troweled only after the final floating.


c.  Optional:  BOMANITE Integral Color shall be added to the concrete mix at a rate of one sack per cubic yard and mixed at charging speed for 5 - 10 minutes.  Slumps shall be between 4" and 5" (10.1 cm to 12.7 cm).  Additional water should not be added to the mix in order to achieve higher slumps.  Higher slumps should be achieved by the use of water reducing or plasticizing admixtures.


d.  Optional:  The Licensed BOMANITE Contractor shall provide all decorative jointing and finishes in designated areas and in accordance with the Architect's direction.


e.  The contractor shall patch and repair all defects in the surface.


f.  The substrate shall be free of all debris, oils, grease, curing compounds, sealers, etc., prior to the application of the chemical stain(s) and/or sealer(s).


g.  Optional:  BOMANITE Chemical Stain shall be applied to the clean substrate in a minimum of two coats at a rate of 200 to 400 square feet (18.6 to 37.2 square meters) per U.S. gallon, per coat.  The stain shall be applied in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


h.  The surface shall be sealed using BOMANITE Sealer in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations to complete the coloring process.